Light of Love

a film about the beauty of the religious life

an encounter with sisters

Light of Love is a film that carefully enters the doors of five convents across the United States and introduces the world to the amazing women within. Throughout the 60 minute experience, we encounter religious sisters who have given their lives only to find incredible joy, fulfillment, and peace.

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Made Possible by

Lighthouse Catholic Media

Lighthouse Catholic Media, NFP has supported Imagine Sisters since day one. Now a part of the Augustine Institute, Lighthouse provides high quality audio and video content for Catholics.

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Our Lady's Rosary Makers

Institute on Religious Life

Hundreds of Individuals

Thanks to the many supporters who made an online donation for the film!

Laboure Society

HØST Creative

HØST has been a strategic partner of Imagine Sisters from the early days of dreaming up a documentary film on the religious life. Much gratitude is owed to Michael Papavero, Mathew Troy, Greg Andrews and the team for their hard work!

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