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one sister can change the world

It may be strange to imagine, but the actions and way you live your life have a massive effect on the world. The way you love, the ways you serve, the internal and external life you live… these small actions can influence the faith and lives of total strangers. There is power in witness, and our organization exists to highlight one special way God uses ordinary women for extraordinary means.

Sisters make Jesus known and loved through their lives. They are like a street sign, pointing on to something greater, something far bigger than all of us (hint: Jesus!) and through their internal life and external love show the world sacrifice, dedication, and hope.

Is this life for every woman? No. It isn’t a challenge or a reward for good behavior – it is a unique call from God, just like any other vocation. We exist to help the world understand and appreciate the often misunderstood discernment, life, and work of consecrated religious sisters. And as we ask God – “What is it that you have created me for?” – we pause for a moment and listen for the whisper: “Can you imagine?”

Friends & Supporters


“Imagine Sisters is an excellent help to young women whom God is calling to give their lives to Him and to His Church as religious sisters. It offers to every young woman the occasion to know and esteem the vocation of women religious. I commend the website and ask God to bless it and to bless all who view it.”



“Imagine Sisters is a wonderful way to introduce young women to the power and depth of religious life. Through the new media and through personal encounters with those in religious life, Imagine Sisters gives people the opportunity to explore Christ’s call to follow him radically.”



“How will a young woman consider a religious vocation if she does not ‘see’ Nuns/Sisters?  In today’s visual, media culture, a picture truly is worth ‘a thousand words.’ Imagine Sisters is all about making Nuns/Sisters easily VISIBLE everywhere!”


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