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Why Sisters?


Why do we need Sisters? Because Jesus planned it that way! When He established the Church, the way of the counsels (living as Jesus lived, poor, chaste and obedient) was part of His plan. Jesus said not all were called to live this way, but those who were called ought to say yes (Matt  19:11-12). Sisters respond to real human needs in a beautiful way through their spiritual motherhood, marked by lives of prayer and service. They are visible reminders of God’s love, and His desire for us to be united with Him forever in His Heavenly Kingdom.



“Sisters for me witness to the love of the Father in a very special and tangible way. As women who are espoused to Christ, their lives show forth the fruit of the love between them and their spouse, Christ. Also I have found having a relationship with sisters to be very beneficial for my own discernment. In the Book of Genesis, God recognizes that “It is not good for the man to be alone.” And as a man who is seeking to live a celibate life in a world that is saturated with sex, celibacy is very contrary to what society says. My relationship with sisters has shown me that there are other people out there who are seeking to live a life of celibacy for the sake of the Kingdom and in that, I am able to have a relationship with these women that is pure and where the love of Christ is central and it is BEAUTIFUL.” Eric, Seminarian

“Seeing a sister moves hearts; when a priest sees a sister they are inspired to be better priests.” Fr. John Cyr

“Sisters (and priests and other fellow religious) are the spiritual lungs for God in the world.” Charisse, young woman in Discernment

“Because the world needs to know that God is real. The world needs testimonies that Jesus is a living, tangible person, with whom it is realistically possible to fall in love. The world needs to see breathing proof that it is possible to love God and to receive His inexhaustible love in return. This world needs more hope, and sisters provide exactly that–a profound witness of joyful hope. Sisters testify with their lives that “God created us for greater things: to love and be loved.” -Mother Teresa” Katie, young woman in discernment