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We’re Glad You’re Here!

Hello and welcome to the new Imagine Sisters Blog! My name’s Greg Iwinski, and I’m working as the new Editor of this part of the Imagine Sisters movement! Whether you’re a Mother Superior, a young woman discerning her vocation, a parent trying to learn more about religious life, or even someone who isn’t sure they believe in God… we’re glad you’re here! God is moving, brothers and sisters – and there is always something to talk about with our faith. So let’s talk about what this blog is:

The Imagine Sisters blog is a place you’ll want to check in on regularly – we’ve worked hard to build a team of writers from all different parts of the Church. Among our writers are, of course, sisters – along with priests, seminarians, novices, parents, and even a few young people actively discerning right now! Wherever you’re at in your faith and vocation journey, there’s someone going through the exact same thing!

Even the Pope loves our blog!

If you’re new to the Imagine Sisters Movement, make sure to check out our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) pages and the ‘Discover’ section, where we have a ton of great content that answers some initial questions you may have – Why do we have the religious life? What are sisters? What’s up with those awesome outfits?

If you’re already a fan of Imagine Sisters, this’ll be the place to keep coming back to for fresh content every week. Maybe we’ll be talking about a discernment novena; maybe we’ll be reflecting on how God made springtime to remind us that even in hopeless winter there is still life. (Can you tell we’re from the Midwest?) You’ll also find things like interviews and videos from the events we visit throughout the year.

So if you’re reading this… welcome! We’re glad you’re here. Look around, check out some blogs, and know that we are praying for you. More important than any blog we write or video we make is the fact that all fulfillment, all vocations, and all joy come from the heart of Christ. We are all seeking His voice, and we hope this blog helps you hear Him a little more clearly.

In Christ,

Greg Iwinski and the Imagine Sisters Blog Team

Imagine Sisters Movement

Imagine Sisters Movement

We seriously love nuns. Why? Because they help us see the living Christ!

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One thought on “We’re Glad You’re Here!

  1. Kathleen Marshall

    25 Mar on 2013 at 9:45 pm

    What you are doing here, with this blog and with the entire Imagine Sisters movement is a great work for the Church! Thank you for all of your good work!

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