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Our Online Store is Open Now!


We are happy to announce that we are re-opening our online store for the first time in a year! Our merchandise will be available for purchase from Friday, October 24th until Sunday, November 9th.

Because Imagine Sisters is such a small organization, we are not able to keep a constant back-stock or provide continuous shipping. Therefore, we open the store for a limited period of time, gather all of the orders once the time period has ended, and then place complete orders with the company or companies who produce our merchandise. These companies produce the merchandise and ship it back to us. Then, Amanda and I (and some volunteers) package, address, and mail them to you! It is a lengthy process, but for now it how we must operate, and we thank you all for your saintly patience with us. *NOTE: To anyone who donated to our fundraising campaign and selected a t-shirt, calendar, mug, or sweatshirt, these perks will be produced and shipped at the same time as the products from our store! You can expect them to arrive approx. 1 to 2 weeks before Christmas. Thank you!!

As we announced previously, we have recently settled in Steubenville, Ohio. We discovered that an awesome Catholic printing company is stationed in this same town, and have partnered with them to produce our merchandise. This is a great opportunity, because it allows us to meet with the company to perfect the items we want to feature in our store. God be praised!

The company, Nelson Fine Art and Gifts is a small, family-owned manufacturing business founded in 1994. The Nelson family and their company are strongly committed to quality craftsmanship and to the Catholic Faith. All products are handcrafted in the company’s own workshops to ensure that each piece is made with care.

We are featuring a couple new items this time! In addition to our ‘One Sister Can Change the World” T-shirt and sweatshirt, we will also have an Imagine Sisters coffee mug, wood-carved graphic magnet, set of mini Imagine Sisters buttons, new car decals and bumper stickers, and more!

Orders will be shipped via priority USPS mail during the first week of December, and will arrive to you early in the second week of December. Plenty of time before Christmas!

International shipping is available. (Yay!) However, because the Earth is a very big place, we cannot guarantee that the items will arrive before Christmas.

Please do check out the store and consider purchasing to support TWO Catholic organizations and spread the message that NUNS ROCK!


Kelsey Porada

Kelsey Porada

Kelsey is a co-founder of Imagine Sisters, and a recent Loyola University Chicago graduate with degrees in English Creative Writing and Psychology. She now attends graduate school at Franciscan University for her Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She enjoys dancing, giraffes, sunlight, and flowers, and wants to spend her whole life serving Christ’s Church. AMDG!

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