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The One Rose Invitation

Welcome to the One Rose Invitation! 

Do you want to help support vocations in the Church by encouraging young women to consider religious life? You’re in the right place. The One Rose Invitation was inspired by St. Thérèse of Lisieux, the patron saint of The Imagine Sisters Movement, who said, “After my death I will let fall a shower of roses.”

Do you know a young woman who would make a good sister if God called her?  If so, Imagine Sisters encourages you to give her a rose on October 1st, the Feast Day of St. Thérèse “The Little Flower.” The rose is a symbol of the invitation to consider religious life, as well as an acknowledgment of the beauty of that young woman’s soul. You can tell her that you respect her as a Catholic woman, that she would make a great sister if God called her, and no matter what, that also means she would make a great wife and mother.  Because that’s what a sister is: a bride of Jesus Christ and spiritual mother to all the world.  St. Thérèse promised to send a shower of roses after her death, and she has done so with countless miracles.  With your help spreading the word about Imagine Sisters and the One Rose Invitation, we are confident that God will send a new shower of vocations to women’s religious life.

“Sometimes all it takes is an invitation.”


One Rose Invitation 2013“I live in a house with eight other girls. Our house was full of roses and joy! One roommate didn’t even know about One Rose but felt the holy spirit tell her to buy roses! We woke up and said, ‘Happy one rose day!’” – Julianna, TN

“I went to the dorm where she lives and left the rose with a ribbon in her room. I wrote on it: ‘I think You would be a great sister. Ask God.’” – Jucc Agnes, Hungary

“I had been praying a novena to St. Therese and I asked that I be given roses if I were supposed to discern religious life. During my holy hour that day, I felt as though I should go check my mail. In my mailbox was a card from my godmother, which had pictures of roses all over it.” – Liz, MN

“Yes! I was so happy to have received one… I hope many women become Sisters!” – Michelle, CA

“My dear friend stopped by to see me today (she did not know it was St. Therese’s feast day.) She had on a blouse that was covered in pink and red roses!” – Judie, MI

“I did it! I gave a picture of a rose to one of my friends at lunch. She had been discouraged in her discernment and this gave her a bit of hope.” – Robyn, TX


Take a second to watch this short video to learn more:


Please share this video! We want to get the word out about The One Rose Invitation. Tell your friends, family, youth minister, pastor… we think everyone needs to see this video.


Here are a few things you can do to prepare for October 1st (and a few tips for after the big day.)

  • Pray and reflect on the women of God in your life. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide your prayer.
  • Ask yourself, “Who do I know that would make a great sister? Who radiates the joy of Christ?” You may know more than one woman and that’s okay, invite as many as you feel called to invite.
  • Give a single rose to that person on October 1st, affirming the gifts you see in her. Be bold, joyful, and supportive! Let her know about the Imagine Sisters site, and thank her for being awesome! You can even send the rose to the young woman if you will be unable to see her that day.
  • Pray in thanksgiving, and ask God to water the seeds if it is His will for her to discern the religious life.


Saint Therese of Lisieux, Pray for Us!

Pray the St. Thérèse  novena for vocations!

As you prepare to present a rose to a young woman this October 1st, join us in not only praying for the clarity to whom you should present your rose but also for a continued increase in vocations to the consecrated religious life!

You can find the novena here.  Add your name to their mailing, and share it on Facebook and Twitter with your friends! There are already over 20,000 people signed up to pray together!



Resources for the Invitation:

So you have prayed about the young woman who you think would make a beautiful religious sister, but you are not quite sure how to express that sentiment to her or where you can even buy a rose. Here are a few resources that will help you present the invitation now that your prayers have given clarity to who you should invite.

  • A downloadable message to send with / attach to the rose you will give the young woman you think would make a good religious sister.
  • The official poster. Download this to hang on your campus or in your parish to spread the word about the One Rose Invitation. Of course, don’t forget to ask permission before hanging the flyer.
  • A downloadable bulletin announcement. If you want your parish to become involved in the Invitation, take this little announcement with you when you speak to your pastor about the possibility of getting your parish involved.