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Imagine Sisters: A Joyful Movement, by Brandon Ocampo of Catholic Memes

In a world full of darkness, hate, and chaos, a chosen few rise up and shine light, love, and peace in the world. These chosen few are… Catholic Sisters!?

Okay, so the whole superhero movie approach to vocations is totally awesome and shines a new light on spiritual warfare, but that’s not the point here. Sisters are great, not just for the Church, but for the world. After all, the world needs sisters! God shines His eternal light in a special way through these wonderful women. But these women weren’t always sisters, at one point, they were normal girls who received a special call to love from God.

Christ has always called people in different ways, but in today’s age, He’s using social media. The Imagine Sisters movement desires to help Christ with this divine mission. The movement seeks to assist Christ in calling out to those young women who are discerning consecrated life. Whether it’s by a Facebook post, a retweet, or by an Instagram post, Imagine Sisters is spreading the beauty of consecrated life. Through online resources and social media, the Imagine Sisters movement works to help young women with their vocational discernment.

Imagine Sisters is THE movement to turn to if you’re a young women discerning the beautiful call to consecrated life. All this wonderful work is done with an amazing and contagious joy. I mean come on, even Matt Maher thinks that both the movement and nuns themselves rock! Any other argument is invalid. The Imagine Sisters movement really does remind us all that one sister can change the world. And that’s pretty awesome.

Also, just to set the record straight:


You can help Imagine Sisters continue their ministry with a tax-deductible donation here!



Kelsey Porada

Kelsey Porada

Kelsey is a co-founder of Imagine Sisters, and a recent Loyola University Chicago graduate with degrees in English Creative Writing and Psychology. She now attends graduate school at Franciscan University for her Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She enjoys dancing, giraffes, sunlight, and flowers, and wants to spend her whole life serving Christ’s Church. AMDG!

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