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Imagine Sisters – A Discerning Woman’s Perspective



Written by Dylana, a young woman entering religious life in August.

The world has given us many gifts that are blazing milestones in our culture; most notably, social media and the internet. With these new avenues of communication we are more connected than ever. One tweet can reach up to 2,405,518,376 people. From 2000-2012, internet use has grown 566.4%. Almost all of the world’s population is on the internet. Pope Francis has even hailed the internet as “something truly good, a gift from God.”

We should be using social media to be a present a visible witness to “the hope that is within us.” (1 Pt 3:15) This is what the New Evangelization is calling us to do: reveal to the world its universal call to holiness. Each of us is called specifically and uniquely.

This is exactly what the Imagine Sisters Movement seeks to do. It shows women that following God does not require us to compromise our happiness. It shows parents that their daughters – if called to this life – will be mothers of many souls. It shows parishes how they can help young women who are discerning. But most importantly, it presents to the world Christ’s beacons of beauty, truth, and joy.

Imagine Sisters was instrumental in my decision to apply to the Salesian Sisters of Don Bosco. They taught me that discernment was nothing more than living out the vocation that we have been given today. Without that lesson, I would still believe that holiness was something we prepare for, not something that we live.

We have had two years of service to the Lord and his people, two years of revealing the beauty of the consecrated life, two years of living out the call of the New Evangelization. For all this we give glory to God. Without Him, this movement would still be an idea.

Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful, and reveal to each of us how we are called to love you. Amen.


If you feel called to contribute to the work of Imagine Sisters, please visit our fundraising campaign here.




The ISM Store is back open!

Hello friends!

We’re very excited to announce our new and improved Imagine Sisters store! We’ve made a few changes and we’ve improved our ordering system! Here is how it works:

  • Ordering is open from Wednesday, November 6 through Wednesday, November 20. After the 20th, the store will close down until next Quarter.
  • Printing will take place from November 20th – December 3rd
  • Shipping will take place from December 4th – December 9th
  • You will receive your items at least a week before Christmas (probably more like 2 weeks!)

We’ve got a small team, but we finally have the system down. That being said, we have tons of new items… and the Imagine Sisters DVD! The DVD has the full version, plus a new shorter version of the film (about 16 minutes) for using in large groups or at conferences. Full HD quality! No downloading or buffering or waiting for it to load online! We also have a special features section with a link to download the soundtrack and other goodies. Every dollar goes to support the work of Imagine Sisters, seriously!

We would also like announce that we are using a new printing company called Proud Catholic Company. By purchasing a shirt or other item from Imagine Sisters you are directly helping a great Catholic small business and Imagine Sisters! We have also upgraded all of our clothing to Anvil, and what an upgrade. Check the descriptions of each item to read more, and we’ve included size charts to help you figure out the fit. It is very similar to the original Imagine Sisters shirts… just stronger and softer!

Please tell your friends about the store! If you’re interested in an international order please contact us.

Click to visit: The Imagine Sisters Store

How to Download “Light of Love” for FREE!

God is good! Thanks for all the support the past few days… it looks like Light of Love has received over 12,000 plays! This is incredible! Keep watching, keep sharing, and be on the look out for more information about getting the film on DVD. In the meantime:

If you’re having a hard time watching the film 

  1. Try closing all open tabs in your web browser (the film needs a fast connection to watch in full HD. Why? Because it’s in high quality and over an hour long!)
  2. Try closing extra open programs (the film needs all of your computer power to watch in full HD.)
  3. Refresh the page and/or try a different web browser if you’ve got one.
  4. Try watching it on Youtube here: http://youtu.be/PIwJacw_Z3Y (make sure you click the gear and set it to either 1080p or 720p)

Some viewers have asked about downloading a super high quality version of the film to show at an event or on their computer. First go to the movie on Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/74036429 and then click on the blue Download button under the video viewing space and options for download will appear:

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 10.00.05 PM

Right-click on “HD .MP4 file” and select “Save Link As” to download the video. It’ll take a long time because it’s 1GB big, but the quality will be worth it!

DVDS: We’re getting lots of questions about DVDs…they will be available in about a month. They will have a high quality version of the film for viewing.

Shorter Versions: Many people have requested a shorter cut of the film to show at parishes and conferences.. we’re working on it! We’ll keep you updated via Facebook so keep an eye out over there. Thanks for all your support and energy to share this film!

Support: As a tiny organization with needs and wishes to get this film out to as many people as possible, please consider making a donation to help us continue to get the word out: https://www.lighthousecatholicmedia.org/imagineSisters

The One True Desire

I find I’m always struggling to remain open to God’s will for two reasons: fear and ambition. There is a simple, logical solution to fear: God loves me with infinite love, and knows me better than I know myself. Any plans He has in store for me must fulfill my nature and carry along an abundance of joy and satisfaction. Begone, fears!

Deeper, though, lies the dilemma posed by my own will and desires, which is not so easily solved.  It is common knowledge that God places certain desires in our hearts with the intent of using them to draw us to Himself.  But how are we to determine which desires are good and which will not lead us to happiness?

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Every Francis Needs His Clare

[Editor’s Note: The following is a reflection from Imagine Sisters contributor Eric Garris.]

When I first entered the seminary five years ago, it was a great struggle for me to find Godly friendships outside of the seminary.  The majority of my friends from high school went off to colleges around the country, and although I remained in contact with them, whenever we would get together over breaks I found that there was something missing in our friendship.  I brought this struggle to spiritual direction; my spiritual director and I reflected on this and we came to the conclusion that what was missing in these friendships was God.  My friends really didn’t understand what I was doing with my life in choosing to go to the seminary. Whenever we got together they would tell me how I was “wasting my life” in going to the seminary, but unfortunately I soon realized that these “friendships” were doing more harm than good.

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One Year Later: John’s Reflection

The success of Imagine Sisters this past year has brought me great consolation.  Imagine Sisters has flourished through the tireless collaboration of many people dedicated to promoting the vocation to women’s religious life.  Imagine Sisters’ dream was to develop an encouraging place on the Internet for women in discernment.  Yet God (through the intercession of Mary and the Little Flower) has abundantly surpassed the wildest “imaginations” of what Imagine Sisters could become.

Tens of thousands have been touched with the message that “One Sister Can Change the World.”  Indeed, sisters are living proof of God’s presence in a world that so desperately needs more witnesses like them.  As a man preparing for priesthood, young sisters continue to inspire me to persevere through the witness of their joy and generosity. I could not be more amazed at the intensity of life that God has poured forth on the world through Imagine Sisters.

John Roselle, SJ

Why has Imagine Sisters resonated with people so deeply this past year?  I think we – humanity – want to see heroic lives poured out for God and for souls.  The “light of love” that sisters radiate is irresistible to our imaginations.  No wonder Imagine Sisters’ posts get so many “likes” and “shares!”  Through photos, videos, quotes, etc., people are able to see God’s glory manifested in the lives of sisters.  No matter what our vocation, Imagine Sisters gives us the hope that comes from God.

The Holy Spirit uses our imaginations to help us imagine how God is calling us to love and serve Him. Imagine Sisters was born by a gift of the Holy Spirit in order to aid young women and the larger culture in imagining a breathtaking vocation: being a Bride of Christ and spiritual mother to the people of God.  By supporting Imagine Sisters, I have no doubt that together we are playing a part in Christian History.

Imagine Sisters has answered the Holy Father’s call for the Church to use the Internet and other media for missionary purposes, to “set sail on the digital seas” (as Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI said), for the sake of the name of Jesus Christ and the salvation of souls.

I believe Imagine Sisters was always God’s dream and God’s project.  Let’s pray for its continued impact in helping people love Jesus, and in creating a culture of vocations.  I have a feeling that Imagine Sisters is only just beginning its vital work for the Kingdom.

– John Roselle, SJ


(John Roselle, SJ is a Jesuit scholastic and a supporter of Imagine Sisters)

Order an Imagine Sisters Shirt? Read This Now!

Happy Easter!

This is a quick message for everyone who ordered Imagine Sisters Shirts… all 210 of you! (Yes, you read that correctly!) This round of shirt orders has been the biggest yet, so I wanted to give the world a little look into how Imagine Sisters processes shirt orders and shipping. I hope this clears up any questions you may have, but if not you can always drop us a message with any additional concerns.

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Is Student Debt Between You and a Vocation?

Many of you are still discerning your vocation, but if you’re in the process of entering religious life and facing the problem of student-loan debt, we have good news for you! Our friends over at The Laboure Society let us know they still have spots available for their Aspirant program, which helps those already accepted into a community overcome their student loans. Want to know more information? You can start by reading the Mission and the History of the Society and watching this awesome video with founder Cy Laurent. Still have questions, or want to get involved? Check out the Laboure Society’s contact page and send them a message, they’re awesome!


Be Still and Know

(Editor’s Note: This reflection from Maria Therese is an excellent thought to take into the most sacred weekend of the Catholic year, the Triduum. – GI)

Sometimes, I like to be in charge – okay, who am I kidding – I am always trying my hardest to be in charge and in control.  At first it was totally a good thing, stemming from a realization that I was lazy and needed to kick into gear and act.  But now – I have stress headaches. Stress headaches… and I take a deep breath, focus on something on my to-do list, and dive into life because I’m ten minutes late for work. And my car needs gas. And I forgot to pay that nasty electric bill. And my mom’s hurt because I haven’t called to chat in over a month.

And in peace and serenity, the Lord says: “Be still and know that I am God.”

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