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Imagine Sisters wants to make Jesus loved by introducing the world to religious sisters in love with Christ through media and personal encounters. We want to encourage and inspire a culture of vocations to women’s religious life by fostering a deep desire for holiness through the witness of religious sisters.

Our team is comprised of sisters, young women, and seminarians from around the United States. We want to show the world the beauty, joy, purpose, and fun of becoming a sister in the 21st century!

The sisters featured on the Imagine Sisters website and films are from orders that have graciously provided our content and support for our movement.

“Imagine Sisters is a wonderful way to introduce young women to the power and depth of religious life.  Through the new media and through personal encounters with those in religious life, Imagine Sisters gives people the opportunity to explore Christ’s call to follow him radically.  If you know a young lady who is considering the possibility of becoming a sister, please let her know about this vitally important ministry.”
Fr. Robert Barron, Word on Fire and The Catholicism Series

“Imagine Sisters is an excellent help to young women whom God is calling to give their lives to Him and to His Church as religious sisters. It offers to every young woman the occasion to know and esteem the vocation of women religious. I commend the website and ask God to bless it and to bless all who view it.”
Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke

“Imagine Sisters is a fantastic tool to inform young women in the world how exciting and fulfilling religious life can be.”
– Fr. Mitch Pacwa,  
Host of EWTN Live

“Imagine Sisters portrays, in a holy and energetic manner, the lives of so many young women today who lovingly fling their youthful lives at Christ to espouse themselves to a Divine Bridegroom through the evangelical vows of chastity, poverty and obedience… Imagine Sisters is one more marvelous fruit of the Graces of the New Evangelization.”
– Mother Assumpta Long, O.P.

“Imagine Sisters is a wonderful and exciting movement that is helping inspire young women at college campuses across the country to discern their true vocation in life and see the joy and love that is found in religious life!”
-Mark Middendorf , President of Lighthouse Catholic Media

“Imagine Sisters engages the hearts, minds and energy of our youth to explore the true beauty, vitality, and fruitfulness of religious life.”
-Mother Katherine Caldwell, TOR

“I do not know that I can be more encouraged about a work in the Church today than I am at the discovery of Imagine Sisters.”
-Mother Miriam of the Lamb of God, OSB

“How will a young woman consider a religious vocation if she does not “see” Nuns/Sisters?  In today’s visual, media culture, a picture truly is worth “a thousand words.” Imagine Sisters is all about making Nuns/Sisters easily VISIBLE everywhere!  Sometimes that’s all it takes to spark a new direction in life: a word, an image…And anyone who wants to help promote vocations can participate, by doing something as simple as hitting a “share” button to pass along an image, a thought or an invitation to a congregation’s vocation retreat.”
– Sr. Helena Burns, FSP

“I believe in the Imagine Sisters project. I want to support anything that helps young women to come in contact with the voice of God speaking to them. Imagine Sisters will open doors that may not have been opened before. How can young people discern a vocation if they are not aware of the possibilities available? Imagine Sisters will provide an excellent first step in the intense process of vocational discernment, namely, gathering information about various religious communities. My hope is that Imagine Sisters will help many young women to take that first step.”  
-Fr. Will Prospero, SJ,
long-time spiritual director for women who have discerned religious life